Twenty-First 2014

Twenty-First 2014

Cheers to the 21st amendment! (The repeal of prohibition)


A fruity, Bordeaux blend of 38% Cab Franc, 16% Merlot, 46% Cab Sauv (a very typical Bordeaux-style blend) and our tribute to the 21st amendment.  Complex, French style wine that will age well.  Hints of black pepper and distinct notes of dark cherry.  Aged in neutral French and new American oak.   Great with roasts and stews, or with good friends.

Our Twenty-First has won numerous medals.  Here’s a list newest to oldest:

Virginia Governor’s Cup 2016 Bronze Medal, Monticello Cup 2016 Silver Medal

Virginia Governor’s Cup 2015 Bronze Medal, Monticello Cup 2015 Bronze Medal

Virginia Governor’s Cup 2014 Bronze Medal, Monticello Cup 2014 Silver Medal

Virginia Governor’s Cup 2013 Silver Medal

Virginia Governor’s Cup 2012 Silver Medal, International Eastern Wine Competition 2012 Silver Medal, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2012 Bronze Medal, US National Wine Competition 2012 Bronze Medal