12 Piece Chocolate Box – Mixed

12 Piece Chocolate Box - Mixed

Twelve pieces of the most luxurious and beautiful artisan chocolates.



Our house-made artisan chocolates are made weekly at Glass House Winery by our in-house chocolatier, Michelle Sanders.  A standard 12-piece box contains 12 luxurious pieces, each enrobed in 72% dark chocolate unless otherwise stated, and exquisitely decorated with colored cocoa butter designs.  The flavors included are

2 each of:

Red Wine Cream – a buttercream center infused with Norton wine and dark chocolate
Salted Caramel – handmade caramel blended with white chocolate and sea salt
Espresso-Kahlua – a ganache made with espresso and Kahlua liquer

and one each of:

Rum & Coconut – milk chocolate ganache blended with toasted coconut and rum
Alfajor – shortbread cookies with dulce de leche enrobed in white chocolate
Raspberry Champagne – milk chocolate ganache with raspberry liquer and carbonated bubbles
Salted Peanut Butter – salted all-natural crunchy peanut butter ball on a mild chocolate ganache layer                                           Earl Grey Tea – a ganache made with cream steeped with earl grey tea                                                                                           (NEW!) Cherry Chilli: Our darkest chocolate ganache with cherry puree and a bite of hot chili at the end

Orders of more than 6 boxes may take longer to assemble, as our weekly production is limited.   Summer shipping is not an issue within the continental U.S.A.