Our Chocolates


We are currently offering ten varieties of gourmet chocolates, hand crafted by our own in-house chocolatier.

NEW!!!  Cherry Chilli – And now there’s 10!  Our Chocolatier Michelle has masterfully married heat with sweet in her newest chocolate flavor creation.  Introducing…the Glass House Winery Cherry Chilli.   The Cherry Chilli is now available in the Tasting Room.  The assorted box combinations have been revised to include the Cherry Chilli, and it is also available individually, just as the other 9 flavors are.

Red Wine Cream – a buttercream center made from Norton wine and dark chocolate, enrobed in 72% dark chocolate.

Earl Grey – a ganache made with cream steeped with earl grey tea, enrobed in 72% dark chocolate.

Salted Caramel – homemade caramel blended with white chocolate and sea salt, enrobed in 72% dark chocolate.

Espresso-Kahlua – a ganache made with espresso and Kahlua liquer, enrobed in 72% dark chocolate.

Rum & Coconut – milk chocolate ganache with toasted coconut and dark rum enrobed in 72% dark chocolate.

Raspberry Champagne – milk chocolate ganache with raspberry liqueur, with coated carbonated ‘fizz’ bubbles inside, and decorated with tiny edible pastry balls that look like champagne bubbles.

Alfajor – South American shortbread cookies and dulce de leche in a molded white chocolate form.

Salted Peanut Butter – Salted all-natural crunchy peanut butter ball on a milk chocolate ganache layer, in a dark chocolate mold, topped with a dollop of white chocolate and sea salt.

Mango Mania – White chocolate ganache with mango puree (a tropical blast!).

All our chocolates except the Raspberry Champagne, Alfajor & Salted Peanut Butter are decorated with designs made from edible colored cocoa butter.

If you want custom boxes, made with a different mix of our flavors, you must call or e-mail ahead of time. Our staff cannot accommodate custom requests during tasting room hours.  Our chocolatier will be happy to have your requests ready by the following day.  Our chocolates are available in 12 and 4 piece boxes.

Fine Chocolate Industry Association
We are a member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association

New Expanded Hours!

In effort to provide more time for delicious wine and to enjoy our Tropical Oasis beginning Wednesday, August 5th we will be open Noon – 5:30 PM!!

Reservations are no longer required for groups of 8 or less. All seating is first come, first served basis. 

Full operating guidelines and FAQ are available here.

We hope to see you soon!